Media Registration F.A.Q.

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1. When is the deadline for submitting for press credentials/celebrity interview requests?

All requests for media credentials and celebrity interview requests must be received by January 31st, 2013. Any requests received after that time may or may not be reviewed. The Celebrity Interview Request Form will go live on our website on December 1st.

2. How will I know if I and/or my outlet have been approved or denied for media badges?

From the time that your application is received, it will take anywhere from same day up to 10 business days to process. Once that has been conducted, you will be contacted either way. If you do not receive a response within that time frame, please contact us to make sure that we received it. Please make sure to write legibly if you are filling out your applications by hand. If your application isn’t able to be read, it will be impossible to make contact with you.

3. How and when do I and/or my outlet receive our media badges?

All media badges are picked up on-site at ECCC’s media check-in booth (details on exactly where and when on-site it is located will be emailed to you the week before ECCC). You will need to bring photo ID with you as will anyone else picking up badges in association with your outlet. In other words, if a reporter and photographer are attending from an outlet, both of them will have to present photo ID to pick up their media badges. The one cannot pick up the badge for the other.

4. I want to send in my application but I don’t know all of the names yet of the specific people that will be accompanying me to cover ECCC. Should I hold off on sending my application?

No, go ahead and send in your application and indicate how many additional passes besides yourself that you will require. Just make sure that you contact us again with the specific names by January 31st. Please note that television, radio and newspaper outlets are the exception to this and are allowed to let us know up through February 28th the specific people from their outlet that will be attending.

5. I already submitted my application and/or have been approved but I need to add an additional or replace the name of someone on my form. Is it too late?

No, you can add additional names for consideration as well as make changes in the event that someone you originally thought would be representing your outlet can no longer make it. Just make sure that all changes are received by January 31st.

6. Why don't you provide advance or on-site access to your celebrity guests for interviews when it comes to independent or podcast media outlets?

Each of our celebrity guests are only able to conduct a limited number of interviews (both in advance and on-site) with media outlets. Due to that, we have to prioritize granting interviews to the larger outlets such as television, radio, newspaper and major websites. There is simply never any interview celebrity opportunities left over to offer independent or podcast outlets and often the larger outlets aren’t always able to obtain the celebrity interviews they request.

7. I and/or my outlet were approved last year for media badges. Why am I being denied this year?

There are several factors that go into the approval process when it comes to media badges. An outlet might be approved for previous years based on their social media reach (Facebook and Twitter numbers and activity), the quality of work they’ve done, etc.. Sometimes those same outlets can be denied for media badges in subsequent years due to the amount of pre and post show coverage not being equal to the value of the media badges issued. Each media badge issued potentially represents one fan that will be denied the ability to purchase a ticket to the show, based on fire codes and in the event of a sellout. Ultimately, requests are judged on a year by year basis. Outlets that were denied the previous year might be easily approved the following year. Other reasons for an outlet going from approved to denied include, but are not limited to, excessively negative and/or unfair coverage, not abiding by the rules for media outlets and mistreatment or abuse of ECCC staff or volunteers.

8. I and/or my outlet have been approved for media badges but are receiving a smaller number of them than were requested. Why?

While an outlet is free to request as many media badges as they deem necessary, they often will end up with only one, sometimes two. Unfortunately, independent outlets have abused the media badge process over the years and often invent titles and positions on their application just so that they can help their friends score free passes to the show. If an outlet requests four media badges, and their following and reach is apparent, they will likely be granted all four media badges provided that it’s obvious that four people are needed to conduct the kind of coverage that their particular outlet provides. In other words, if you request a second media badge so that your television camera person can accompany you, yet your website/social media does not indicate any previous video footage of coverage from other events, it is likely that you won’t be granted that second media badge.

9. Why are media outlets not permitted to film or approach the celebrities on-site?

Once on-site, the celebrities are there to interact with the fans, not the media. The two exceptions to filming or having access to them that are allowed is either when they are speaking during their respective panels or if your outlet is accompanied by a member of the ECCC PR Department to conduct a pre-arranged interview with one or more of the celebrity guests during one of their breaks from signing/speaking. These are the only two exceptions.

10. I still have a question. Who do I contact to get an answer?

If you still have a question about something related to media outlets, please contact ECCC's PR Director Joe Parrington at or (253) 507-9512. Please note that the last day to email or call to get a reply before Emerald City Comicon takes place is Monday, February 25th. Anything received after that time won't get a response back until after the convention concludes on March 3rd.